by this, all people will know…

…that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Those are the words of Jesus in John 13:35. They come after Christ has given a “new command” of loving one another, just as He has loved them. I had just been listening to a sermon on this passage when I saw a twitter post regarding the following:

I am not going to give any judgment on Mr. Robertson’s words, only that I, as far as my conviction from the Holy Spirit is concerned, whole-heartedly disagree with him. Christ loved us while we were yet dead in our sins (Colossians 2:13/Romans 5:8). Showing this type of unconditional, sacrificial, Christ-like love is precisely how the non-believing world will know we follow a God who offers the same type of love–only His is perfect–to them. (This is, of course, not even touching the issue of the marriage covenant, which I will not do in this post.)

As the granddaughter of an incredible man whose mind has been ravaged  and destroyed by this horrible disease, and as a believer in Jesus Christ, I would like to apologize on behalf of Mr. Robertson’s possibly hurtful words.

It is called “the long goodbye” for a reason…please pray for my Poppop and for my family, especially my mom and uncles. Pray that we would love him well until he passes…


One thought on “by this, all people will know…

  1. Those are sad comments by Robertson. I can’t believe he actually said what he did – maybe his mind is going. I pray for your poppop and family and know that he will feel your love.

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